5 Reasons High-Activity Salespeople Hate CRMs

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5 Reasons High-Activity Salespeople Hate CRMs

More money, productivity, higher performance!  These get high-activity sales professionals excited.  NOT CRMs.  Salespeople with closing cycles of ninety (90) days or less hate them.

To understand why, let’s consider their needs ...

It’s the first of the month for high-activity sales professionals.  For 28-31 working days, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and salespeople in various markets will work to bring in a certain number of sales.  They sprint to the finish line at the end of the month - a race for sales results ahead of budget or on goal.  They will do this to survive or prosper, and then start the process over again the very next month.  Some high-activity sales professionals close sales every day.  Others close them at a weekly or monthly rate.  For salespeople in this excited world of hyper-activity, the sales cycle from finding prospects to closing sales is 90 days or less.  Occasionally, a few sales take longer that 90 days, but they are the exception and not the rule.

During each week, high-activity professionals cram a lot of prospecting and face-to-face selling activity into each sales day.  They minimize paperwork and heavy amounts of analysis in their fast-paced days.  Hunting sales professionals strive to spend a majority of their time in front of prospective customers or fighting to get in front of them.  Proposals are kept simple using the same outline customized with the prospect name, investment, and services or products quoted.  High-activity salespeople deliver face-to-face presentations in 3 to 60 minute presentations, and usually to one or possibly two decision makers.  Think of many entrepreneurs, insurance reps, cellular salespeople, financial consultants, home security representatives, and service professionals - even high-end retail - whoever finds new customers or clients each month.

5 Reasons High Activity Salespeople Hate CRMs

  1. Micromanagement:  CRMs appear to be designed for managers to look over a salesperson’s shoulder and to protect the company when there is turnover.  Reps see them as an information dump for future salespeople who might get their jobs.
  2. Farming:  Customer Relationship Management tends to look like farming or doing something with “customers” - hence the name - NOT with prospects in a fast-moving sales cycle.  In other words, CRMs are marketing tools with customer information.  Designers create these depositories for that purpose and do not create them to help salespeople get enough new customers each selling period.
  3. No Direct Relationship to Results:  CRMs do not train or help a salesperson do the right levels of the right activities - ones that lead to income and sales goal achievement.  They show no tracking relationship between the number of activities required to close enough deals to achieve important income goals.  Some do have funnels but they show no helpful relationship between critical sales activities and results - like appointments to quotes and quotes to sales.  Their is no clear relationship between activity and results.
  4. Time Required: CRMs slow hunters down and turn them into farmers.  They teach them to nurse past relationships.  Time spent writing about appointments, logging data, and putting in customer profiles reduces time reduces time spent keeping prospects for new appointments at high enough levels to reach sales goals. 
  5. Trapped and Controlled:  IT personnel design CRMs with many bells and whistles - complexities and choices - screens and filters - until a high-activity salesperson hates sitting down and doing the input work.  They feel trapped, controlled, and forced to share information.

This video helps illustrate why fast-moving sales professionals hate inputing what they see as useless information.



I understand the importance of information during a complex sale - one with perhaps multiple influencers, locations, high dollars, a complex installation, multiple competitors, and a longer closing cycle.  I can also agree with the need for maintaining this information in an online location.  Keeping information on past customers can have some value as well.  Administrative or marketing personnel can do this to free salespeople.

However, a high-activity sales professionals wants something that will help keep prospecting, appointment setting, and quoting levels high enough to achieve sales and income goals.  They want something that’s fast and easy and a little bit better than a yellow pad - that requires 15 minutes or less per day to keep up.

Try for thirty days free.  It will train you to produce at higher levels and earn more money.  It will help you keep activities high enough to get the results you want.   The training and coaching for now is free.  Use it.  Get better.  Reduce your anxiety.  Start today.  Lance.

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