Can You sell 25% more in the next 6 months?  How do You Know?

Steve Suggs by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) | on August 17, 2011 | about Planning Goal Achievement
Can You sell 25% more in the next 6 months?  How do You Know?


I just got off the phone with a sales leader who shared that his current salespeople are given the freedom to hit their sales quota any way that best suits them, as long as they hit it.  Not sure if the quota was high enough and wondering if his salespeople would be more productive with more personal coaching, he called me. 

After confirming that the economy was strong enough to support a sales increase, I told him that he could most likely get a 25% bump in sales. This bump would come as a result of creating a culture where salespeople focus on personal income goals, instead of a quota.  Income goals are used to set activity targets that are shared in weekly progress meetings. He was shocked that this simple solution could bring such a huge increase.

How could this sales increase occur? There are many reasons, but one main reason stood out in our conversation. 

Each day every salesperson on the planet is faced with choices.  Do I read email or make one more sales call? Do I run an errand for my spouse or find two more prospects? Do I do x or y? 

If one is not looking at progress by measuring specific activity targets that impact the income goal, how are these important decisions being made?  The answer - by emotion. Which task do I feel like doing at this moment?  Instead of allowing these questions to drive the decision: How many more quotations do I need to get out this month at a 30% closing rate to hit my income target? How many more new prospects do I need to find today to hit my prospecting target?

Unless we track specific activities tied to our goals, we have no idea how productive we can actually be. I bet you could sell 25% more if you measured your daily activity. I bet you would make different choices about how you spent your time if you measured the ways you spend your time.

Accountability to yourself or someone else is not fun, but it is the thing that successful people choose to do that unsuccessful people choose not to do. 

Do you depend on luck and emotion to hit your income goal, or do you have a plan with measurable targets?


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