Do Mediocre Salespeople Have ADD or Lack Discipline and Work Ethic?

Steve Suggs by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) | on October 03, 2011 | about Planning Goal Achievement, Inspiration/Attitudes

As you begin your week, if you are not hitting your sales targets, ask yourself these two questions as you are completing tasks: "Why am I spending time on this task, at this particular time?" and "Is this the most important thing I can be doing right now to help me hit my activitiy targets?" If you find yourself redirecting your focus many times during the day, you may need help in the area of discipline and work ethic. I am not talking about the kind of help that comes from medicating a lack of focus with some ADD drug. I am talking about learning ways to manage your time more effectively and gaining perspective on the amount of, or lack of, discipline and focus. 

I am sure Bill Gates had a vision for making the computer a machine that would help mankind to be more productive and to create more margin in our lives. The computer does have that capacity. It can also be the tool that we use to destroy our lives. There are millions of things accessable to us through the wonderful electronic devices we carry. We must use more discipline than ever to make the right choices with how we use our time every minute of the day. 

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