Sales Productivity and a Holistic Approach to Work

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I can remember the feeling of toiling since the age of five, when my mom made me pitch in and do my share of the work. From the simple tasks of picking up my room to being responsible for businesses and employees, work has always been toiling. It is always a balance of joy and stress.

In my forty-five years of creative efforts to find more efficient ways to complete work, I have come to the conclusion that in this life, toiling will never cease. I have discovered that one must gain a truthful understanding about work.

On this journey, I have looked at what three sources have to say about work: King Solomon, Confucius, and the American Marketer.

This post will summarize these views and my conclusions of productive work. Subsequent posts will expand these thoughts. 

King Solomon is considered by many to be the wisest and richest ruler to have ever lived. He was the king of Israel 971-931 BC. He pursued everything to the extreme - sex, money, possessions, power, recognition, education, knowledge, wisdom, and the act of labor.

Through his life long study of life’s pleasures, he came to many conclusions.  His pursuit of wisdom left him somewhat bitter about life, but it also gave him a plain and simple truth about work that is important to examine.

His conclusion about work was this:
Work has been the same since the fall of man. You work, you sweat, you die. You are forgotten. The next generation gets it all. We will never understand it all. God holds the secrets. Fear God with a holy reverence.  Wisdom of man is mindless and witless, spitting in the wind.

Much learning earns you much trouble. The more you know, the more you hurt. The pursuit of happiness, the fun-filled life, is insane. We are all motivated by envy and greedy for more. If you are in a mess, it is your fault. Accept the responsibility, and move on. You are the sum total of all of your decisions up to this point in time. There are many dark days. Most of what comes our way is meaningless. 

The few things that hold real meaning are these: The fear of God and doing what God tells you. Close relationships with others while you work make work easier and more enjoyable. Don’t wear yourself out pursuing all things. Keep balance in work, sex, power, recognition, and the pursuit of knowledge.

Confucius, a Chinese thinker and social philosopher, 624-551 BC, is a commonly quoted person when it comes to work. He said, “Do what you love, and you will never work another day in your life.”

The American marketer tells us we can make money while we sleep and that we need to find a way to work less and make more.  They market the latest secret that says, “If the way you are doing something makes you sweat and stress, you are doing it wrong.  Buy this book/DVD and gain the secrets of wealth and prosperity without needless sweat.” 

I believe it is important to gain understanding of the truth about work in order to find joy in work and to be effective in our work. Accepting these truths actually makes life easier.

Here are some conclusions I have drawn about work after looking at these three perspectives.

  • Wisdom and understanding gained from a source of absolute truth is the first critical element. Wisdom in these key areas is important: work, money, relationships, productivity, balance, and spirituality.
  • Productive work is backed by these four character traits: Responsibility, concern for others, honesty, and a disciplined work ethic.
  • Balance, margin, diet, and sleep are critical to efficient work.
  • Constant growth and improvement of one’s skills in the chosen profession insures a long career.
  • There are basic rules of productive work that must include a plan with goals broken down into measurable activities.

Please join me in the coming weeks as we explore this holistic approach to work. 

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