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Austin Church

I enjoyed meeting prospective clients, but I had no idea how many I needed to make a sale.

Clear daily and monthly targets help me invest time in the activities that matter.

Austin Church
Bright Newt
Mark McComas

I did great work for my clients but kept coming up short on my goals. I didn't even know what my goals were! keeps me on track with focused activities so that I can generate the leads and sales I need to support my family. Priceless.

Mark McComas
Indig Creative

Before finding, I had tried several different CRMs and basic spreadsheets. CRMs were too complex for my salespeople, and the spreadsheet approach took too much time. helps me and my salespeople focus not only on sales results but also on all the activities behind those results. The sales board makes our sales meeting more streamlined.

Mike Fleenor
Fleenor Security Systems
Jonathan Longnecker

Our monthly sales numbers were all over the place. No consistency and no way to track what was going wrong. brought in so much work that we had to stop looking for it for two months!

Jonathan Longnecker
FortySeven Media

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