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Give your sales team the advantage of Track each individual’s progress, spur productivity without causing embarrassment, and give your salespeople the accountability they need. Our web-based application keeps sales management efficient.

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PASS Process™

To succeed, great sales managers must recruit and coach the best. But how can they guide their teams without suffocating them? How can they monitor the activities of individuals without seeming like Big Brother? Too much oversight causes resentment and weak performance, and too little is sure to end in disappointment. helps sales managers find the balance.

It gives them a way to deliver an effective process called PASS™—more on that below—within a coachable framework. They can track each team member’s progress and customize data for weekly sales meetings or quarterly planning sessions.

Great sales managers coach people in three areas:

  1. Goal Achievement Planning
  2. Activity Management
  3. Face-to-Face Interactions with Prospects

We’ve simplified activity management, perhaps the most important of the three, with PASS™ – Prospects, Activities, Sales-in-Progress (quotes), and Sales. By equipping their teams with common terms and a common process, sales managers have a way to focus on improvement without overemphasizing individual weaknesses or failings.

48 Prospects - 24 Appts - 12 Quotes - 4 Sales

Clear Goals for Clear Success

The four-stage PASS™ sales funnel leads to the right levels of the right activities and emphasizes income goals based on sales targets. Sales managers can use the reports to discuss a variety of topics and determine next actions for particular prospects. itself offers a teaching instrument for explaining robust activity levels, and by keeping track of the team’s progress, smart sales managers will discover opportunities to celebrate success and offer encouragement.

Rather than enter one-on-one meetings with dread, your salespeople will look forward to sessions focused on encouragement and improvement. After all, they want to succeed, and as a strong ally, you can point out progress in specific areas and develop strategies to build on that momentum. You can utilize the “Monthly Forecast” to spur productivity and reward hard work.

Make this your best year ever. Give your team the advantage of and the proprietary PASS™ system while building strong morale.