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Demystify the funnel. Meet your monthly goals.

Great salespeople know how their lifestyle goals connect with their daily sales activities. Our simple process for managing a sales pipeline will have you meeting your monthly sales goals—and living out your dreams—in no time.

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How to Make Lifestyle Goals More Concrete

Over the past 25 years, we’ve studied common behaviors and attitudes of great salespeople. In a fast sales cycle, from 30 minutes to 90 days, they stay oriented toward their long-term goals while managing their daily activities. Each cycle, they employ a simple system for success, and then they do it again, and again.

The greatest salespeople in the world manage activities with PASS™. Their secret is knowing how to translate their lifestyle goals into daily sales activities.

A direct mathematical relationship exists between sales activities and revenue, and thus between sales activities and lifestyle goals. Developing a formula from the mathematical relationship between activities and results enables you know how much you need to make to achieve your desired lifestyle.

48 Prospects - 24 Appts - 12 Quotes - 4 Sales

Make the Numbers Work for You calculates your percentage of sales vs. quotes, percentage of sales from referrals, average quote size, and average sales size. Displayed in easy-to-understand charts and percentages, these ratios will clarify how you need to spend your time each day.

Imagine knowing exactly what you need to do to make enough money for the month! You'll know to focus less on networking events and more on setting up appointments with the prospects you've already got. With the time saved on unproductive activities, you can start chipping away at the next month. This application promotes that kind of efficiency.

Start using hard numbers to guide your activities. What's your “opportunity ratio”? Or, how many appointments produce a quote? Knowing the answer to this question will tell you when to look for a new market or better qualify your leads. You'll know when to ask for more referrals or work on your face-to-face closing skills.

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