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Our salesboard puts all your vital numbers in a central location. Quickly evaluate where you stand in relation to your monthly goals and what you need to do each day to meet them. It’s fast, easy, and inspiring.

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Easel with Sales Board

Simple, Powerful Sales Board for Instant Direction

Most of the time, a report sounds about as enticing as a root canal. Many large companies measure unimportant details and mountains of statistics, and their boring reports leave employees more confused than inspired.

Proactive salespeople don’t have that kind of time to waste.

You’re looking for clear, meaningful information that will remind you what to do with important referrals, quotes, and first appointments. You’re interested in boosting productivity with purposeful activities. helps you do just that.

With the powerful sales board you can easily track the results of first appointments set and held and the number and amount of quotes versus goals.

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Up-to-date Ratios for Exciting Results provides percentage of sales vs. quotes, percentage of sales from referrals, average quote size, and average sales size. Displayed in easy-to-understand charts and percentages, these precise ratios and numbers will enable you pave a road in the right direction.

Just imagine knowing exactly what you need to do every day to make enough money for the month! You can stop pulling out your hair over pointless activities and wasted energy. This system was built for efficiency and clarity, and it works.

Stop worrying about what you’re doing wrong, and start using hard numbers to guide your activities. How many appointments produce a quote, what we call your “opportunity ratio”? Knowing the answer to this question will tell you when to change markets or spend more time vetting prospects for appointments. You may need to start networking, ask for more referrals, or work on your face-to-face skills to make a more lasting impression. tracking

Stop That & Start This

You’ll know what to do next, and thanks to the “Monthly Forecast” tool, you can spend a few minutes each week, adding up the sales month-to-date and any sales-in-progress that you are 95% sure will close by the end of the month. You can then choose the right activities for goal achievement.

Stop scratching your head and start smiling all the way to the bank.

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