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We’ve drawn from our 40 years of success to teach you everything from prospect management to funnel efficiency. With the help of your free, 30-day trial, you'll start crushing your monthly sales goals.

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Free Nuts-&-Bolts Training for Sales Superstars

Online applications can help you track your sales activities, but they can’t help you sell more. That’s where our 30-Day Sales Bootcamp & Field Manual come to the rescue.

We’ve drawn from over 40 years of success in both practicing and teaching effective sales techniques and practices, and we’re proud of the results. This is training you can’t get anywhere else, and we’re giving it away as a bonus with every free, 30-Day trial of

Bottom line: You can become a high-activity salesperson and meet your monthly revenue targets. During the Bootcamp, you’ll learn how to manage multiple selling tasks, with emphasis on identifying and maintaining the right levels of the right activities.

Prospects - Sales - Proposals - Appointments

Who doesn’t want to make more money, right?

You already know that at the close of every sales period, the clock starts ticking again for the new period's sales targets and revenue goals.

You already know that you need to find new prospects, hold first appointments, deliver proposals, and close sales, but our training will help you focus on those activities that are essential for optimal cash flow. It will help you cut down on superfluous emails, phone calls, paperwork, and internal meetings. At the end of the month when your numbers are finally where you want them, you’ll be glad that you stopped wasting time on non-critical duties and communications.

Enough new or first appointments will translate into enough quotes. Enough quotes will enable you to close enough sales. The Right Levels of the Right Activities™ leads to sales goal achievement. - Recruiting a High Activity Sales Person - Rest of Email

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It’s easy: we’ll drop an email in your inbox every day for thirty days, and you can begin transforming the peaks and valleys of your sales activities into accurate forecasts. You can keep new lead generation at an appropriate level, and you can make better strategic prospecting adjustments earlier each period and avoid wasting time on dead ends. You can zero in on qualified prospects and strategies to make more sales.

In short, you can, you can, you can. All that’s left for you to do is get started with the Bootcamp. Sign up today and start dreaming about what you’ll do with the extra income.

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