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Sales jobs are tough. You work hard all day long, beating the pavement and wearing out the phone lines. Sometimes, the decision-makers won’t even talk to you, and even if they do, persuading them to schedule an appointment is like asking them to donate a kidney. Once you have their attention, you have to do the tedious follow-up work of putting together proposals and actually closing sales.

With all your other obligations and responsibilities—spouse, kids, friends, bills, house, church, debts, and, if there’s any time left over, dreams—it’s hard to slow down long enough to figure out why you aren’t making more money.

What is broken in your sales process? What needs to change so you can meet your monthly income goals? Of course you’d love to close more sales. Of course you’d love to make more money and provide your loved ones with financial security and all the associated benefits. Wouldn’t we all!

That’s the problem—not enough sales. You already work hard, you just need to work smarter. And there’s a solution: a simple system for sustaining the right levels of the right activities.

Managing the Right Levels of the Right Activities™

You might have heard other sales people talk about buying Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, but you have to have customers to manage relationships with them, don’t you? Does putting names in a CRM system mean you’ll reach your goals? No!

Unlike a CRM, provides a virtual space where salespeople can keep track of new prospects, appointments, quotes, and sales and track conversions from first appointments, quotes, and the number of quotes accepted. As you begin using the system, you can guess conservatively at these ratios and later use real numbers to accurately project your sales goals. The good news? works. Use it to its full capacity, and you just might need a CRM program!

A Simple, Sophisticated System that Works

What we wanted was something elegant but still workable, and that’s when we came up with a web-based application built around the PASS™ sales process – Prospects, Activities or 1st Appointments, Sales-in-Progress (or quotes or presentations), and Sales.

Every high-activity sales professional needs to manage the right levels of four activities:

  1. Finding enough prospects every sales month
  2. Setting and holding enough 1st Appointments
  3. Getting enough Sales-in-Progress, or quotes presented
  4. Closing enough sales to live his or her life of choice

And what if you could automate that process? What if someone or something could tell you exactly what you need to do everyday to meet your monthly revenue goals?

Cut Out the Guesswork & Stabilize Your Income

By self-managing or managing a group of salespeople with PASS™ process, sales professionals and sales managers can stay on track and meet their income needs—every month. has distilled the sales funnel down to its lowest activities denominators and combined those with tracking and measuring tools.

Consider James’s predicament, and see if it sounds familiar.

James can be a convincing salesman when he wants to be. He can think fast, and he has a good sense of humor. Most people like him almost instantly. Yet, being likeable and persuasive didn’t guarantee that he would generate enough business each month to survive. For example, he closed 100% of the proposals that he presented one October, yet that percentage accounted for only three sales. Unfortunately, he needed ten to achieve his goals: starting a college fund for his kids and paying off his family’s mortgage early. James batted three for three and still lost the game.

Dreams, not Disappointments

To close ten sales a month, James needed to manage the right levels of the right activities. He had to know just how many prospects become ten sales. He had to know exactly how many proposals he should prepare to even have a chance at ten sales. He needed access to those critical ratios at any given moment, so that he could make a list of priorities each day and not squander his time on the wrong activities.

The story has a happy ending. After James discovered and made it a part of his weekly sales rhythm, he began to meet his revenue targets and earn stable income. Whether you dream about college funds and owning your house or being free to travel and able to afford a boat, can help you manage the right levels of right activities and become a sales superstar.

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